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Restore Your Beautiful Smile With Custom Dental Implants By Dr Jarod Walls

One of the latest technological advancements when it comes to replacing missing teeth is dental implants in Portsmouth OH. Our dentists understand how this benefits clients, so we are proud to provide this service to those in need.

What exactly are dental implants though? The most common type is known as a root-form implant because there is a small, titanium post that acts as the root for any missing teeth. Once the dental implant is secure, an artificial tooth, called a restoration, is custom fitted for the space. Next, the restoration is then secured to the implant, which holds everything in place firmly.

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Comfortable Dental Implant Treatments in Scioto County Ohio

The Benefits of an Implant?

There are many different reasons why our implant dentists are excited about being able to offer this treatment to patients in need. First, an implant is able to work like the roots of your natural teeth. That means it is capable of stimulating the jawbone as you chew, which is necessary to preserve it and keep it healthy.

Secondly, an implant is a strong, comfortable, and secure tooth replacement option that, when the restoration is in place, looks and feels just like a natural tooth. With regular checkups and cleanings at our office, as well as careful home care, a tooth implant is capable of being a wonderful, long-term solution to a missing tooth.

  • Long Lasting
  • Promote healthy bite function
  • Non-invasive to other teeth
  • Mimic natural tooth anatomy
  • Single or multiple tooth replacement
  • Biocompatible